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At MediLab, we provide outsourced anatomy services to organisations that are looking for a better way. A way where you can enjoy the benefits of anatomy training and research, without the risk, costs, and issues that can come with it.

What we do

We offer a holistic and cost-effective alternative to help  organisations meet their teaching, research, and licensing needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reshape and further develop anatomy training in Australia.

We want Australia to be a world leader in anatomy teaching and training. With world-renowned training, we can help produce highly qualified, knowledgeable, and skilled medical and allied healthcare professionals.

So, what does this look like?

  • All students having access to high-quality anatomy training, regardless of whether they attend a Group 8 university or a small, young or regional
  • Improved compliance with legislation, regulations, and standards across
    universities, hospitals, and other licensed anatomical facilities.
  • Streamlined processes and cost-effective solutions that make fundamental anatomy training financially viable.

We recognise that we don’t yet have all the answers. But we have a drive to work collaboratively with our clients, the industry, and government to increase the integrity, awareness, and effectiveness of the operation of anatomy training in Australia.

Who we work with

We work with hospitals, universities and medical device companies 

Who we work with




Our Credentials

We’re a team of highly experienced lab managers, dissectors, and technical and administrative officers.

Together we have over 50 years’ experience servicing anatomy facilities, from lab management, dissecting and embalming, through to surgical training. And when needed, we complement
this with external expertise sourced from our extensive network.

We also have considerable experience running private anatomy facilities and university anatomy departments. And we use this experience to help our clients achieve better outcomes for their anatomy needs.

Our Founder

The early days - sitting in a Stryker crate

Jonna-Susan Mathiessen

Hello, I’m Jonna – founder of MediLab.

My journey with anatomy started many years ago when I was a little girl who spent her school holidays watching her dad run an anatomy facility.

As I grew older, I was determined to avoid the health/medical field which most of my family worked in. I wanted to be different. So, when it came time to go to university, I picked the furthest thing from health/medicine which I could possibly find – law. Inevitably, however, I found my way back to anatomy and for the past several years now I have managed the anatomy lab at the Sydney Eye Hospital. And I’ve had a blast doing it.

During my time at the lab, I’ve increased turnover and profits, run hundreds of successful surgical training workshops, managed teams, and implemented effective WHS and general lab policies. I’ve been part of anatomy audits and licence renewals, giving me first-hand experience in ensuring compliance with the anatomy legislation and requirements.

Over time, I have seen organisations – mainly universities and hospitals – struggle to run their anatomy labs cost efficient and compliant manner. Meeting teaching and regulatory requirements while managing countless other priorities in day-to-day work is a constant battle for lab staff. While recognising the role of anatomy in teaching and research, the reality of getting the outcomes they needed within tight budgets is a challenge.

I saw an opportunity to provide hospitals and universities with a cost-effective and streamlined alternative. One that works better with their budgets and workload, while also delivering the high-quality service their staff, students, and patients expect. And so, the idea of MediLab was born.

My background in law and anatomy positions me uniquely to assist MediLab’s clients with a variety of the anatomy lab management requirements and compliance. 

I’d love to hear from you about your needs to see how we can help you and your anatomy facility.

J.S. Mathiessen


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Helping organisations get the most out of anatomy training and research with facilities management, dissection, surgical workshops, and more.

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