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Lab Management and Consulting

Internal hospital staff often run anatomy labs alongside their regular jobs. This means they’re faced with competing priorities, and don’t often have the resources to be across all things anatomy. By outsourcing to MediLab, we’ll help keep you across all your regulatory requirements and free your staff to focus on their day-to-day work.

Yes, MediLab can assist you with all aspects of running your anatomy facilities. Our friendly team can work with you to develop solutions tailored to your specific needs.

The staff at MediLab are experienced in setting up new licensed anatomy facilities and can provide the right advice while guiding you through the process.

Yes, MediLab can audit facilities, outlining key areas of concern, and assisting in improving those areas.

Dissection services

MediLab offers a range of dissected material to our clients and works to meet the specific needs of our clients’ syllabuses. MediLab offers typical dissections, including:

  • Thorax
  • Superficial upper and lower limbs
  • Sagittal head and necks
  • Hand/wrist and knee/ankle joints

A-typical and complex dissections are available upon request.

Yes, MediLab works closely with multiple organisations and institutions, and can source tissue for dissection.

Yes, we help anatomy facilities around the country.

Surgical Training

We facilitate a wide range of workshops for individuals as well as small or large groups. Our highly experienced staff have run thousands of workshops across multiple disciplines. We work closely with you to tailor your workshop to your client’s specific needs.

MediLab is based in Sydney; however, it operates out of a number of licensed facilities around Australia.

We work with a range of accredited institutions, both locally and internationally, to ensure that we’re able to deliver fast and high-quality tissue solutions for our clients.

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Helping organisations get the most out of anatomy training and research with facilities management, dissection, surgical workshops, and more.

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